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Welcome to CCS Training Services

'In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity'

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I KEEP six honest serving-men
(They taught me all I knew);
Their names are What and Why and When
And How and Where and Who.
Courtesy Rudyard Kipling - ‘Elephant’s Child’.

WHAT (Preserving Your Future)
Risk Management and Credit Control professionals have a very distinctive role to play through the promotion and preservation of the company’s cash reserves to meet all ongoing business needs. This single task is a complex one and requires people who are keen, willing and able, to rise to the demands of a truly challenging and changing business environment. Developing then supporting your finance and credit teams at the cutting edge will ensure cash flows are maximised and costs minimised, with no surprises.

WHY (Salvation & Success Through Training)
With economies at home and abroad still uncertain, and adequate and efficient cash flows vital to sustain trade, the increased financial risks in the current economic climate require motivated, well-funded and fully trained individuals and teams, more than ever before. Their expertise will help ensure a stable and profitable future. We specialise in the provision of a range of workshops and consultancy programmes designed specifically to meet these challenges.

WHEN (Your Choices)
Whether a consultancy requirement, a training programme or a half day workshop, delivery is almost entirely your choice. Dates, at certain times in the year, are at a premium, so we advise early enquiry to ensure we can meet your desired timescales.

HOW (Process & Benefits) Our products will:

  • Bolster human performance where it is needed most – generating cash flow!
  • Enhance awareness and understanding of Corporate and Credit Specific Goals
  • Increase personal and team confidences
  • Develop individuals in the crucial skills and techniques of commercial and consumer collections for increased cash flows and to reduce financial risks
  • Improve risk assessment techniques, knowledge, skills and understanding, ensuring greater confidence when dealing with ‘internal’ and ‘external’ customers
  • As skills improve and better results follow, the tasks – in themselves difficult – become addictive, challenging and rewarding; pride in the job increases - becomes self sustaining
  • Ultimately the company benefits from employing a team or individuals that works as a single co-ordinated unit, puts more cash in the bank and has fewer commercial risks.

WHERE (Delivery Point)
We specialise in delivering our skills development programmes on customer’s premises for maximum convenience and at competitive cost.  Occasionally we are tasked with off-site delivery – through our venue provider business - which can be at any preferred location you desire, either here in the UK, or overseas.

WHO (CCS Training Services - Your Services Provider)
We specialise in supporting our clients though our training programmes and consultancy support services, aiming to maintain a strong partnership ethic until all objectives have been met. Skills Development Workshops are designed to develop individuals and teams in their quest for professional excellence – in essence to be ‘best in class’.

The CCS Training & Consultancy Team

Workshop discussionCCS Training Services exists to help companies improve performance through development of their most important asset, their employees. Our aim is to work with you in order to understand your staff training needs as fully and as accurately as we can, and then to deliver a course or programme to meet those needs.

Our strength also lies with our experience and flexibility in order to consult, design, structure and deliver, a training, or consultancy programme, to suit any client need, however large or small, modest or challenging.